Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why I'm Never Asked to Babysit...

The reasons I'm never asked to babysit may not be many, but I understand why I'm not chosen. After all, the last time I was given guardianship over a group of children, half of them ended up on a school roof because I was teaching them to do this:

Most parents don't need much more of a reason to choose someone else to watch their child while they're away...


  1. Whoa. At first I was thinking "well, that's nice, but I'm not gonna watch six minutes of this." Um. Yeah. I totally did. My boys came to stand behind me and we just spent the whole time going "whoa."

    No wonder no one asks you to babysit is right!

  2. Great footage! I just found your blog (thanks to Nichole). Your books look awesome!

  3. Welcome, Kbrebes :) Great to have you!

    And I'll have you know, Ali, that I very cautious with the kids and make sure they don't do anything out of their realm. They start on the ground and have to show the muscle and coordination that proves they can move up. It's a blast!

    And at least if I'm there I can stop them before they do anything stupid, right? 2:27-2:40 was the hardest I let any of them get that day, and I have to say it rocks. Flipping off walls and stuff, though? Kids feel like absolute rock stars when they can do that, so it's fun to teach... safely, of course :D

  4. My brother Louis would totally let you watch his kids - Shai, especially, would be in heaven :)

  5. Awesome! can't wait to meet them someday :)