Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Videos Like This Warm My Heart

Yes. They warm my heart because I love that the characters I see so clearly in my head come to life in other people's minds when they read my stories. Maybe that's a bit narcissistic, but if I don't like this video, who will?

It's always fun to see how people cast the characters in my books, and this vid gives you a look as to what Kayla pictures as she reads. Do you agree with her casting?


  1. I LOVE Mark Blucas! Having not read the book yet (dangitall!) I can't say who I think is best for the casting, but it's an EXCELLENT vid with GREAT choices!

    Got.To.Get.The.Book. Before it sells out EVERYWHERE!!!!

  2. lol. Indeed. And I'm hoping you love it *crosses fingers*

  3. OOOooooo, fun! I really like Yvonne Strouadmnvlsdski (like I can remember how to spell that) as Kay, but I also vote Kristen Bell into the ring. Mark Blucas as Ty...nice, though I'm not 100% sold there. Zac Effin'Ron as Andy Wright - wow, that's a blindside, but I see it. I think he'd be a little overstated for the role. I think Collin Farrell and Alex O'Laughlin are too old to be Ben, but I can see the other guy, maybe. Hmm.... this is a fun game! Maybe I'll have to generate my own list :)!

  4. Oooh - Missy Perigrym is an Excellent choice for Rhea - she's gorgeous, smart, subtley funny and I think she'd be believable in the "older and more capable than she looks" department. Ashley Green looks right, but I don't know her work, same with Odette Yustman...