Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Sad Kitty

Days to Launch at Sugarhouse Park: 4 (EEEEK!)

Okay, since the other trivia was too intensive, we'll switch gears to a riddle.

An indian runs at a tiger. The tiger is faster and beats the indian, but the indian is safe anywaybecause one man says so. Who's the man?

Winner gets a FREE book!


  1. Ok, so I know I won already, so if my answer is correct, the next person to respond can have the book.

    Is the man an umpire?

    Can't wait for your book to be released!

  2. *wink, wink* Oh, yes. He certainly is. For the win, who can name the ump!

    And I'm excited for books to start popping up as well!!! Online first, then Costco (Murray and S. Ogden, to start), then other retailers...

    For those of you coming to the party, books will be $10 flat there, which is 33% off. Woohoo!

  3. Too bad we live so far away, otherwise we'd totally be at the park on Monday :)

  4. LAR, you WIN!!!!!!!!!

    I mean, talk about the bad call of the century!

    Congrats on winning :) Pick your prize and we'll send it on its way.

    And Jen, I know you'll be there in spirit. Someday our paths will cross, I know it!