Monday, May 31, 2010

A Little Digging

Days to Launch: 6

So there's this guy I call Uncle John. He has a passion for the Bible, calendars, and the stars. In fact, he has a PhD in astronomy. Frequently he will combine his passions and write speculative articles, which some in the scholastic world might consider unacademic, but absolutely inspire the fiction writer in me! The first book I ever wrote began with my uncle explaining the Mayan calendar. Making the rules of the calendar into a whole new world was my way of assimilating the information and retaining it.

I still love that book first book of mine.

To this day I maintain that whether my uncle is right or wrong in his theories, he should be commended for asking questions and thinking of things no one else focuses on and putting his thoughts into articles that demands readers open their mind and consider something new.

One of his thoeries is the trivia question for today :)

The question is this: My Uncle John once wrote an article claiming that the zodiac signs (though they may have many layers of meaning) are symbolic of the ________. Furthermore, each of the _______ was symbolized by color.

List the (1) Astrological sign, (2) Other Name, (3) color that represents it (on flags, codes of arms, etc., as a way to tracking geneology).

Whoever wins this question, REALLY earned their prize ;)


  1. If I have already won, should I not post the answer?

  2. At this point I think you can rock and roll and win something for soemone you know. this questions is a little bit intensive, but a GOOD READ :)

  3. I've already won, but I had to say it was a wwwaaaaayyyyy fascinating read. (a little deep for my simple brain so I had to read a couple of times) I had heard about the zodiac stuff relating to the Savior etc. but I had never heard about the colors. (I have never heard of grisled).
    Very interesting writings :)

  4. I know, right? I've always maintained that I am vicariously smart. It's the people around me who are smart. I'm just good at gleaning :)

    No other takers on this one? Bummer...

    I promise not to make tomorrow's so scholastic ;P

  5. Can I still post on this question? It took me a while, but I believe I found the answer...

    The zodiac signs are symbolic of the Twelve Tribes of Israel (among other things), and each of the Tribes was symbolized by color.

    1. Aries, Zebulon, Yellow Green
    2. Taurus, Joseph, White
    3. Gemini, Benjamin, Red and White
    4. Cancer, Issachar, Tan
    5. Leo, Judah, Red
    6. Virgo, Naphtali, Light Blue
    7. Libra, Asher, Yellow
    8. Scorpio, Dan, Red Black
    9. Sagittarius, Gad, Orange
    10. Capricorn, Simeon, Green
    11. Aquarius, Ruben, Royal Blue
    12. Pisces, Levi, Purple

  6. Moozick4me, you totally win! Sorry I didn't see this post sooner!!!

    But you win :):):) Pick your prize!!!!

    Great job! Clearly, you deserve it.