Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's Still Wednesday... Technically!

So TECHINICALLY it's still Wednesday. I was "trapped" at BEA without internet... or rather, internet that was so slow it might as well not have been internet at all and didn't get a chance to post.

Go 3G!

Anyway, today's trivia should be easy for Broadway lovers. I saw a show tonight. Two of the actors deserve to be nominated for Tonys (but only one was). One of the actors did not show up to prove one way or the other if they deserve a nod. One of the lines in the show is, "My favorite bar on 2nd is actually on 1st," and my favorite character, HANDS DOWN, was Marge. She stole the show--which was HARD considering how absolutely adorable/charming the lead actor was.

What show is this?

First correct answer wins!


  1. Could it have been 'Promises, Promises'? I heard Katie Finneran is a real scene stealer. :)

  2. Ms. Darcy, you have heard CORRECTLY!!!!

    I have, in fact, never seen ANYONE steal a show as effectively as she did. She had more claps, applause, laughs, and cheers than everyone else in the show combined for the 10 minutes she was on stage. It was truly sad to see her go.

    I, for one, wanted C.C. to end up with her, not Fran...

    YOU WIN!!!

    Pick your prize!