Monday, May 17, 2010

Day #6


Today's trivia comes from Day #5's winner, Rachael, and goes a little something like this:

Three brothers share a family sport. They race every day, all day long, and never stop. The first is short and stout, the second tall and trim, and the third poised and skeletal, but he is sure to win. Why, and what are they?

First correct answer (declared by Rachael) WINS!


  1. a clock!

    the thrid will win because it is the second hand and move all the time.
    the first moves slowest because it is the hour hand and the second moves faster because it is the minute hand.

  2. Ah, SNAP!

    Rachael declares the winner, but let me unofficially congratulate you ;)

  3. If Elizabeth hadn't stomped on my dignity by making it sound so easy, I would agree with Sheralyn. As it stands, though, my pride now needs some coddling, so she now has to correctly answer the following question before I will officially declare her the winner: (Sheralyn did say that I am the official declarer)

    What brilliant movie quotes the phrase, "You see, I am a bit of poet, and you did not know it!"

    Oh, and anyone can help her!

    P.S. Elizabeth, if you don't figure it out by midnight tonight, don't worry. My pride will have recovered sufficiently enough to declare you the winner!

  4. What's that? You need a clue already? Seriously? Goodness, I sure stumped you this time. Well, okay, here goes . . . It was released in 1982 and was set in France and England during the French Revolutionary War. Does that help, or will you need another? :)

  5. I also know this one... I've seen the movie at least a half a dozen times... on VHS :)

  6. I do believe that it would be the Scarlet Pimpernel. Seeing as there are very few movies that were made about the French Revolutionary war.:)


    Pick you prize already, girl! Send me the book, who you want it personalized to, and your address.

    As for Rachael, she will just have to become accustomed to mingling with fellow geniuses! :D

  8. Sheralyn! You stole my thunder! :) I'll just pretend I didn't read your comment . . .

    Yeah, Elizabeth! You waited until 5 just to make me feel better didn't you? Well, thanks, I do feel better. I officially declare you the winner. Congrats, wahoo, way to go, Yee-haw, etc.!!!! Give yourself a pat on the back for not one, but TWO correct answers. In fact, I'm passing my genius mantle to you. Go ahead, TAKE IT! Really, it's yours. You've earned it!

    P.S. (FINE PRINT): Genius beware, you now have a target on your person, and Sheralyn is peering through the scope.

  9. Thank you for the Genius Mantle. I will remember the wonderful title that I have and remember this contest.

    Sheralyn, thanks for the book. I hope my email got through to you.