Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day #3

Days to book launch: 26
Days to BEA in NYC: 12

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! And Happy Birthday to Rachael, Sarah, and Strauss! Quite the day for birthdays :)

Today's question is for fans of words: The word 'balloon' has two double letters in a row, l-l-o-o. What is the only word in the English language with three double letters in a row?

First correct answer wins :)


  1. I realize I can't play now, but the first word that came to mind was "Oompaloompa", but of course, that's only 2 repeated letters :)...

  2. I LOVE the way you think! Lol.

    Still feel free to raise your hand if you know the answer. I'm sure no one would mind the help. As it is, you bring up a great point:

    The word we are looking for has three double letters IN A ROW. (ex: if balloon was spelled, baalloon, it would work. But if it was balloonss, it would not.) The double letters MUST be all consecutive:D

  3. Go, Mandy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *throws confetti in the air and whips out the balloons*

    You are the flat out WINNER! Congrats! Pick your prize and let me know who you want it made out to!

  4. Dang, it would've taken me a week to get that... good job!

  5. Thanks for the b-day wishes, Sheralyn! And yet another question that I didn't know. I initially thought Mississippi. If it weren't for those dratted lonely i's. You're making me wonder if I'm not a genius after all.

  6. You're welcome, Birthday Girl!

    Dratted, lonely i's... I love it!

  7. And Mandy, I wrote you back and it says the email address you sent me your email on is undeliverable. Too bad... it was a very charming email. ;P

    The book should be on its way, though. Do you want Rachelle to personalize it to you? :)

  8. Sure. That would be great. Wonder why it's undeliverable. Hmmm...will have to check on that.

  9. Email address is: if you want to retry sending it...